Make the outdoors even more enjoyable with the space you have. Patio, deck, porch, doorstep…whatever outdoor living space you have, you can make it lovely on a budget.

Make a wood patio table top for your old patio table frame

This project was inspired by my own unfortunate patio table accident. I was setting up our old patio table furniture outside in the spring. When I tried to put the patio umbrella through the hole in the middle of the table, I lost my footing. Because the umbrella pole was only partway in, it fell sideways. The glass top couldn’t handle the pressure and, as a result, shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

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DIY Outdoor Patio Chair Makeover

A big part of enjoying your outdoor space is impacted by the seating area. If your patio chairs need a makeover, you don’t need spray paint. You really can use regular paint for this project! Check out the results of this easy DIY.

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Easy Halloween Decorations from Your Christmas Stash

Easy Halloween Decorations from Your Christmas Stash

Let your Christmas decorations do double-duty this holiday season by using them for your Halloween decorations! We have a lot of Christmas decorations in our family. Christmas is the holiday that we “overdo it” on decor, if that’s possible. 😉 But my daughter also really loves Halloween. She wanted to decorate more this year, and I needed to come up with some ways to make it happen. Walking through the stores, it was tempting to buy some of the neat…

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Make your own farmhouse table for $75

Make Your Own Farmhouse Table for $75

Our family dining table seated only 4 people comfortably. If we had any guests, it was embarrassingly small. We’d have to set up a folding table to make enough room. You can see what I mean in the image below.  That little dining table was bought for my first apartment after graduating from college.  I think I bought it and the dining room chairs for about $200 from Kmart nearly a decade and a half ago! So I did some…

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Trash to Treasure - DIY Patio Chair Transformation

Patio Chair – “Trash to Treasure” DIY Transformation

Do you ever pass furniture and random items that people have put out at the curb for trash pickup? Well, I recommend taking a closer look when that happens and you might find your next cheap and easy project! I’ve started doing this in the last few months and have picked up a coffee table (which just needed some screws tightened to make it like new again), a small desk (which I up-cycled into an entryway bench and garden supply…

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Make an outdoor bench for less than $10

Make a bench for less than $10 and transform your porch space into a reading nook

Is your porch space underutilized? Would a bench transform it into an area where family could sit and enjoy the scenery or read a book-or even just make it nicer on the eyes? But you don’t want to spend the upwards of $100 for a new bench (that may or may not even fit the space perfectly)? Well, I have a solution for you! In this post, I am going to show you how you can make your own bench-…

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Save Thousands By Fixing Existing Patio Pavers Yourself

Save Thousands and Fix Your Patio Pavers Yourself

Do you have patio pavers that are sinking and becoming uneven?

Maybe you’ve checked with a few landscaping companies and realized that they cost thousands of dollars to fix it for you?

If that sounds like you, I’m here to tell you that this is a project that you can take on yourself. Save that money and give it a try first. I decided to do just that because I figured, if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll hire the experts. And if it does work out, #winning!

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Just Add Curtains for DIY Patio Oasis - Easy - Customizable - So Affordable

Just Add Curtains for DIY Patio Oasis

I love the look of gazebos and pergolas. In all those home and garden magazines, they always make the outdoor space something special. And I wanted that for my backyard! For me, it turns out that patio curtains are a viable and waaay more affordable alternative. I’d stare out the window at our patio and daydream about how it would look with some kind of wall or roof. Our patio overlooks the backyards of about 5 of our neighbors’ backyards,…

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Make Your Own Tall Planters

Make your own tall planters and save over $100 on each

Since moving into our home nearly four years ago, I had a plan to put some nice tall planters on our front stoop. But I just never got around to it. Whenever I saw them for sale in the store or online, the tall planters (nearly 3 feet high) would go for more than $150 EACH! So I resolved to figure out how to make my own. Luckily, Pinterest came to my rescue and I found this wonderful tutorial on…

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