Make your own farmhouse table - part 2

Make Your Own Farmhouse Table for $75 – Part 2: Finishing the wood

So you now have a farmhouse table with unfinished wood. (If you don’t and want to make your own, get instructions here. Or if you have any project with unfinished wood, read on for simple instructions to finish it.) That table wood definitely needs to be finished before use. Otherwise, you’re going to stain or scratch the table with things that you did not want to stain and scratch it with. Like food, crayons, water rings, milk, any liquids soaking…

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Make your own farmhouse table for $75

Make Your Own Farmhouse Table for $75

Our family dining table seated only 4 people comfortably. If we had any guests, it was embarrassingly small. We’d have to set up a folding table to make enough room. You can see what I mean in the image below.  That little dining table was bought for my first apartment after graduating from college.  I think I bought it and the dining room chairs for about $200 from Kmart nearly a decade and a half ago! So I did some…

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Trash to Treasure - DIY Patio Chair Transformation

Patio Chair – “Trash to Treasure” DIY Transformation

Do you ever pass furniture and random items that people have put out at the curb for trash pickup? Well, I recommend taking a closer look when that happens and you might find your next cheap and easy project! I’ve started doing this in the last few months and have picked up a coffee table (which just needed some screws tightened to make it like new again), a small desk (which I up-cycled into an entryway bench and garden supply…

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Save on all your online shopping with Ebates

Save on all your online shopping with this one simple tip

I was just recently reminded about a free way to easily get cash back on online purchases. I have been using Raise, Honey, Ibotta and Checkout51 to great success this year, and have saved more than $200 in the last 5 months. But I could’ve been saving even more that whole time! My sister actually sent me a referral for this other free cash back service nearly two years ago and I cringe when I think of how much money…

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