save your wallet and world simultaneously

be thrifty and green

green your home and garden

be thrifty and green

thrift your finances

be thrifty and green

Thrift Your Finances

Use simple budgeting techniques
to save your wallet
and world simultaneously.

Green Your Home & Garden

Do easy home and garden projects
that will transform you into a savvy do-it-yourself-er and green thumb.

Grow a Thrifty and Green Life

Enjoy your time with family
and bloom where you’re planted!

be thrifty and green
What they say about Frugal Thumb

My sister has always been good at finding ways to save money… and she also is super talented at making/fixing things for her home plus her yard/garden is AMAZING!

Joni’s sister

You made me not want to die when I was reading your financial tips.

Joni’s Husband

I like it. I surprisingly like looking at things that you fixed.

Daughter of Joni

Joni’s Daughter

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And if you dream of having your own garden, you can- even if you've struggled to grow plants in the past.
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