Meal planning and cooking tips for the non-cook.

Is “10 Meals in an hour” the real deal? A LWSL meal plan review

My “10 Meals in an hour” freezer to crockpot meal plan results There are fourteen different “10 meals in an hour” meal plans on the Living Well Spending Less blog. You can even buy a digital download of them all bundled together.) I would see these Living Well Spending Less meal plans pop up frequently in my Pinterest feed. Every time I saw one of these meal plans advertised, I’d wonder if it could be as amazing as it sounded.…

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Ways to Save on Healthier Foods

10 Ways to Save on Healthier Foods

We all could use some food fixes in our diet. It can seem like all the junk food is the only way to stay within your budget. But that’s simply not true. Fortunately, there are ways to save on healthier foods out there. Here are some tips for adding healthier foods to your diet while saving money. 10 ways to save on healthier foods Discover the healthier foods that are consistently affordable at your local grocery store.  This is a great…

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Never Have Spoiled Fruits and Vegetables in Your Home Again

Do This One Simple Thing to Avoid Spoiled Fruits and Vegetables in Your Home

You Only Need One Tip to Avoid Spoiled Fruits and Vegetables! Do you ever throw out fruits and vegetables because you haven’t gotten around to eating them before they spoil? That’s always a rotten deal. And it’s a waste of your good money. Well, no more! Sure, there are a lot of ways to avoid spoiled fruits and vegetables and prolong their freshness by modifying the way you store them… There is advice out there about storing every fresh fruit…

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Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats

Easy and Cheap (and Delicious!) Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats

I forgot that it was my week to bring the snack to the girl scout troop meeting until the day before. Has that ever happened to you? You’re supposed to bring food to an event and it somehow doesn’t make it to your to-do list or the grocery list. Whoops. I was scrambling trying to come up with something that I could bring that wouldn’t break our food budget, that most kids would like, and was gluten -free (so my…

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Get Easy Cash Back on Groceries

Get easy cash back on your groceries with Ibotta

How does over $200 cash back sound? My sister loves Ibotta and has gotten over $200 cash back using it. With that in mind, I finally decided that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try and see what I could save. Any extra cash helps now that I’m not bringing in a paycheck. Ibotta has a free app for your phone Setup was a cinch. Just install the app on your phone and follow the prompts to select your…

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Make (Cheap) Homemade Gluten-Free Bread

Make Affordable Homemade Gluten-Free Bread

My daughter and I both discovered that we have some level of gluten intolerance in 2017, so my family is always looking for gluten-free alternatives to the wheat-y things we used to love. Bread is a big one! But it’s so expensive at the store. Even the cheapest loaves I could find run about $5 for a small loaf! It’s much more cost effective (and environmentally friendly) to bake your own. How it’s thrifty: According to my math, you’ll spend…

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How to Cook boneless skinless chicken in a Crock-Pot

I found this article and I’m going to be trying this out tomorrow. Chicken is thawing in the fridge right now! I’m always looking for ways to do more in less time and the crockpot is sorely underutilized right now at our house. This needs to change. Here’s to making helpful healthful changes. EDIT: The chicken only needed to cook about four hours on the low setting so I was glad I was home checking on it every hour…

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