Budgeting is the difference between being in charge of your money versus it being in charge of you.
These posts should help you get started on being in charge.

Find out the best Evergy rate plan to save on your electric bill

Which Evergy Rate Plan Saves the Most Money

Whoa, option overload! I don’t know when this happened, but I recently discovered that Evergy (my area’s electric company) now has 7 different rate plans for customers to choose from. 7 Evergy rate plans is a lot to choose from. Evergy’s rate plan options: For more details, read about them all here: https://www.evergy.com/manage-account/rate-information-link/plan-options After I read up on all of these plan options, I found that there are really only 5 that my family could or might want to switch…

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Is the Evergy Time of Use Plan worth it?

Is the Evergy Time of Use Plan Worth It?

Update February 2023: Evergy has even more plan options for customers now. You can check them out here: https://www.evergy.com/manage-account/rate-information-link/plan-options However, you should still read this post so you can learn how to do the math to determine which plan option is best for you. Evergy’s Time of Use plan for electric bills is offered as a way for customers to save money. Evergy is the electric company where I live in Kansas City, Missouri. They offer customers a Standard Tier…

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How to Save on Birthday Gifts for Kids

Do your kids get invited to a lot of birthday parties?
If your family is like ours, between friends and family, it’s probably not uncommon to have some months with multiple parties for kiddos!
Of course, each one of those parties has an aging guest of honor who needs a gift from your child and/or family.
Oh, the happy and fun times!
Oh, the budgeting horrors!
But what if I told you all those parties didn’t have to be a strain on your family’s budget?

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Ways to Save on Your Health and Fitness Budget

45 Ways to Save on Your Health and Fitness Budget – “Saving on Necessities” Series

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” should not be your health and fitness budget plan.If only it were that easy! Sure, apples are a healthy addition to any diet, but there’s usually a little more than an apple required for most of us to stay healthy and fit from day to day.

There are lots of ways to save in this category, while still properly taking care of your health. That is key. Cutting corners to save a bit of money while being sickly is not an option here.

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Ways to Save on Stress Relieving Activities

13 Ways to Save on Stress Relieving Activities

It’s important to take care of yourself and your mental health. But how can you save money while lowering your stress? It’s actually quite easy. There are so many possibilities, but you must schedule the time to treat yourself. So many of us put ourselves last, and that’s got to change. Here are some ways to lower your stress, enjoy some “me-time,” and fit it all into your “health and fitness” budget. 13 ways to save on stress relieving activities Save…

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