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It’s important to take care of yourself and your mental health.

But how can you save money while lowering your stress?

It’s actually quite easy. There are so many possibilities, but you must schedule the time to treat yourself. So many of us put ourselves last, and that’s got to change.

Here are some ways to lower your stress, enjoy some “me-time,” and fit it all into your “health and fitness” budget.

Ways to Save on Stress Relieving Activities

13 ways to save on stress relieving activities

  1. Save on massages.

    Give yourself a massage (It’s a lot easier and better than you think!), or look for deals on Groupon and (for discount gift cards to places like Massage Luxe).

  2. Save on haircuts.

    Trim your own or look for deals on Groupon.

  3. DIY manis/pedis. 

    Get out all your nail polish, hand cream, and lotions. Then have fun!

  4. Pray/Meditate.

    You can use free mindful apps like “Stop Breathe Think” and “Headspace.” Or just take a few minutes to reflect on the day ahead, your goals, and gratitudes.

  5. Take a power nap. 

    Maybe you’re just exhausted from a sleepless night or have been overthinking your life. A short thirty-minute nap can work wonders and help you recharge and feel energized to take on the rest of the day.

  6. Visit with a friend.

    Friends are important. Hang onto them tight and make time to catch up regularly. After a quick lunch or coffee break with a kind heart, you may find that it’s just what you needed to feel lighter.

  7. Take a bath. 

    A warm bath can work wonders on sore muscles, aching joints, and a tired body. Put in scented bubbles, light some candles, grab a book, and you can create your own spa day at home.

  8. Read.

    What stresses you out? Find a book to read on the topic. Or just check out a book in your favorite genre and forget the real world for awhile.

  9. Write or Color in a Coloring Book.

    Start a journal and jot down things you want to remember about this moment in your life. Write about whatever is on your mind.

  10. Get out in nature.

    Get some fresh air. Enjoy the view. Go to a park or garden.

  11. Cuddle with your pets.

    Spend some time loving on your furry friends.

  12. Brainstorm more ideas.

    Everyone is different. What I may find stress-relieving may be stress-creating for you. Take some time to think about what makes you happy. Then make yourself a “me” list that you can revisit whenever you need some “me” time.

  13. Schedule a “Me” day in your week. 

    I got this idea from the Learn Do Become podcast. Make a plan to carry out at least one thing on your “me” list each week. Schedule it on your calendar so you have a better chance of sticking to your plan.

These are just some stress relieving ideas that I’ve compiled to help you save money on health and fitness. For more ways to save on your “health and fitness” budget, read my post: