Home is where the heart is. And since our hearts want to be thrifty and green, that’s what we work toward with these posts. Read about home projects, cleaning and organizing, and food (meal plans and recipes).

Is “10 Meals in an hour” the real deal? A LWSL meal plan review

My “10 Meals in an hour” freezer to crockpot meal plan results There are fourteen different “10 meals in an hour” meal plans on the Living Well Spending Less blog. You can even buy a digital download of them all bundled together.) I would see these Living Well Spending Less meal plans pop up frequently in my Pinterest feed. Every time I saw one of these meal plans advertised, I’d wonder if it could be as amazing as it sounded.…

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Tangle-Free Way to Store Your Christmas Icicle Lights

If you haven’t packed away your outdoor Christmas lights yet because you’re dreading the tangled messy pile that they will ultimately become, this post is for you. I think we’d all prefer to have tangle-free Christmas lights, but it isn’t always clear how to accomplish that. Luckily, there are storage techniques that can make packing -and unpacking- your lights a breeze. Check out this post and give these packing techniques a try. You’ll be glad you did next winter when…

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Create a poster-sized picture frame for $7

You can easily elevate the look of a poster by putting it in a poster-sized picture frame. But picture frames that size are so expensive. What’s a person to do? DIY, of course. 😉 My husband got some free posters from a few Sporting KC soccer games a few years ago. They had been rolled up and stacked in the guest bedroom closet for a long time when I discovered them. No joke, my husband is a crazy huge Sporting…

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Create a keepsake Christmas card ornament

Make a keepsake ornament out of your Christmas cards

This Christmas card ornament will solve your Christmas card pile troubles in the most wonderful way. Every year, we get loads of Christmas cards in the mail. It’s truly one of my favorite things to receive these from friends and family! I even put them all on display in our open kitchen so I can see them and add a festive feel throughout the holidays. But then, when the holidays are over and it’s time to take everything down, I…

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