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Note: I originally wrote this post in January 2020 and have updated it to reflect recent exciting changes that Arcadia made in 2021.

This post is about how my family switched our electric bill to 100% wind power. By doing so, we saved over $15 per month!
You can do it too. It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up for this service.

The evidence of climate change is irrefutable.

We need to switch to clean and renewable energy solutions now.

But we all need electricity in our lives, so how do we get around the fact that most of us are getting all of our power from coal, petroleum, natural gas, and nuclear energy?

Most of us can’t afford to install our own solar panel, geothermal, or wind power solutions. So what options do we have?

Switch to 100% Wind Power and Save Money

Rather than sit around twiddling our thumbs and waiting for someone else to come up with solutions, there is a way we can immediately switch to wind power to help the environment.

In fact, my family has already been using this service to promote wind power for more than 2 years!

It’s a green company called Arcadia. They can help anyone who pays a power bill switch to wind energy at little to no cost.

All you have to do is pay your electric bill through Arcadia and they match 100% of your power usage with wind power every month.

Our family has consistently saved over $15 per month for the past 2 years with this service! And that’s including the small monthly fee that Arcadia charges/adds to the bill.

It’s an even better deal right now because they recently changed their monthly fee to a flat $5 for this service. It used to be about $10 per month, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But even then, we saved money!

You’re probably wondering how this is possible.

Besides doing a wind energy match, Arcadia works to get you the lowest prices and save you money each month. So you keep more of your money and enjoy a green warm fuzzy from knowing you’re doing something good for the environment.

Here’s how Arcadia’s website describes how it works:

We connect you to local community solar projects and purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind farms on your behalf. We actively track the market and negotiate lower electricity rates so you can spend less on your utility bill. Your utility sends us your electricity bill instead. You’ll know what your utility charge is, how much you’ve saved, and how much clean energy you’ve helped generate. No changes to your energy service, just a more sustainable bill — and no credit card fees.

In other words, by paying your electric bill through Arcadia, you will help promote renewable energy AND save money.

So you can feel good about being thrifty AND going greener.

Exciting Changes to Arcadia in 2021

Arcadia used to have a couple of wind energy options available, a free account for 50% matching or 100% matching for around $10 per month.

However, they’ve changed to an even more thrifty option– now everyone who signs up to switch to wind power will automatically get 100% matching for a flat fee of $5/month.

Our family switched to the 100% wind power option in October 2019 when the monthly fee was higher, and we still saved money each month!

Now that it’s only $5, the savings will be even better this year!

Electric Bill Comparison

When I was paying our electric company Evergy directly, our monthly electric bills in 2018 averaged $137.70/month. After switching to 50% wind power through Arcadia, our monthly electric bills in 2019 averaged $120.47/month. Then after switching to 100% wind power when it cost about $10/month, our electric bills STILL averaged $120.29/month in 2020.

Savings/month over 24 month period: $17.32

That’s how much we saved every month in 2019 and 2020, over $415 saved total! And all of those numbers are with the small monthly Arcadia fees included.

I think it’s clearly safe to say from our experience:

Switching to 100% wind power pays for itself and then some.

Here’s a chart of our electric bills from the last 3 years:

In 2018, we paid Evergy directly. We switched to 50% wind power through Arcadia in February 2019 for no fee, then upgraded to 100% wind power in October 2019 for around $10/mo. And in January 2021, the 100% wind power fee became a flat $5/mo.

50% for free
100% for ~$10/mo
November $161.00$111.14$99.00
100% for $5/mo
Monthly Avg$137.70$120.47$120.29

That’s quite impressive savings! What impressed me the most is that we continued to save after switching to 100% wind power, despite the small added fee each month. So I’m expecting our savings to be even better in 2021.

Our home is about three-fifths (or 60%) of today’s average house size. If your home is bigger or you have more electricity usage, you stand to save by switching to wind power even more than we did!

Bonus: If you use my referral link, you’ll save an additional $10 when you sign up for your 100% wind power. That’s like getting 2 months free!

It makes sense for you to switch to Arcadia just to see if you save some cash each month.

But really, do it for your wallet and the world!

Remember, it only takes a few minutes to sign up: Sign up for Arcadia.

You’ve got nothing to lose. You can always switch back if you don’t like it. (But you will like it.)

Learn more about Arcadia here.

Arcadia also shares with you interesting statistics about the CO2 and money your family is saving, and compares your energy usage to other houses in the community.

Here are some of my stats as an example:

See more of my household impact in 2019: My Impact in 2019

Save money and help the environment. Switch to wind power today: