Find out how a messy can become a cleany.

Tangle-Free Way to Store Your Christmas Icicle Lights

If you haven’t packed away your outdoor Christmas lights yet because you’re dreading the tangled messy pile that they will ultimately become, this post is for you. I think we’d all prefer to have tangle-free Christmas lights, but it isn’t always clear how to accomplish that. Luckily, there are storage techniques that can make packing -and unpacking- your lights a breeze. Check out this post and give these packing techniques a try. You’ll be glad you did next winter when…

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How to Properly and Safely Dispose of Expired Medicine

How to Properly and Safely Dispose of Medicine (For Free)

How are we supposed to properly dispose of medicine in a safe and environmentally friendly manner? I tried many times to figure out the answer to this question. I called pharmacies, but they wouldn’t take my unwanted or expired medicine. And I tried researching online, but I only found articles that recommended throwing old pills into used kitty litter so people wouldn’t misuse the medicine. At the same time, my research was telling me that medicine shouldn’t be thrown away in…

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Rid Your Home of Gnats and Ants with These Natural Remedies by Frugal Thumb

Rid Your Home of Gnats and Ants with These Simple Natural Remedies

When you’re trying to keep a tidy home for your family and you want to avoid nasty chemical sprays and cleaners, there is nothing worse than bugs showing up to crash your party! Gnats and ants are the most common party-crashers in the kitchen- but how do you stop them from visiting? If you’re like me and keep a compost pail or garbage bowl (Rachael Ray style!) on your kitchen counters, you may get some unwanted gnats or ants from…

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Get Your Home Guest-Ready Fast - 14-day Guide

Guide to Get Your Home Guest-Ready in Just 1 Hour a Day

Do you have a messy home and need to get it guest-ready fast? When you’ve got visitors coming and only a few days to get your home looking presentable, you may feel a panic attack coming on! Personally, I struggle to keep my home organized and can get tired just thinking about what needs to get done. And when guests are coming, a million mostly negative thoughts start running through my mind. Oh no! The house is a mess! What…

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How to Stop Refilling Your Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

How to stop refilling your kitchen soap dispenser

Our family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and that means we tend to go through the soap in our in-sink soap dispenser every few weeks. The soap bottle under the sink is tiny and I hate refilling it as often as I need to! I always end up spilling (i.e. wasting) soap everywhere in the process of filling it. It’s also difficult to remove and re-attach the bottle because I have to have one hand above the…

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Free Daily 5-minute Organizing Challenge

Take the daily 5-minute organizing challenge from Messies Anonymous [Email Newsletter]

I used to be completely disorganized at home until I read a book by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims. These two are the founders of “Messies Anonymous” and really know their stuff when it comes to organization. I really relate to what they say and recommend them for clutter bugs like me. So when I found out that Marsha now sends a free daily email, I was immediately on board with that. I signed up and now get daily organizing…

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Five Boxes to Declutter

Use 5 boxes to sort and organize all of your clutter

So many boxes… So much clutter… Do you still have boxes of stuff that never got unpacked when you moved? Or a place in your home that seems to accumulate all the clutter? I am supposed to have a craft space in the basement, but it has become the cluttered catch-all area in my home instead. As you can see, it became the junk room and was wall to wall boxes, including some we never opened after moving in three…

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