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My favorite blogger is currently offering the newest version of her Living Well Planner® for $39 until August 31st!

That’s $10 off the usual price! Here’s why I think this planner is going to be a steal of a deal:

Ruth Soukup, the founder of Living Well Spending Less, is the first blogger that I ever started following. Ha, with a name like that, is it any wonder that I was interested in her work? Frugal is my middle name. I mean, who doesn’t want to live well on less?

In 2015, she really captured my attention when she offered a challenge for doing a “Zero spending” month. I signed up to participate immediately! My husband did NOT want me (us) to do it. He was completely uncomfortable with the idea and fought me for months (years).

But after some super convincing conversations on my part (including explaining some of the rules like how we would still pay our bills and be able to buy milk, eggs, and other necessities), I got him to agree to try it. Ruth had great ideas for keeping our spending as close to zero as possible for a whole 31 days! I couldn’t even get to most of them. Many of the daily tips to keep participants busy and not spending money included organizing areas of the home, like the pantry and freezer in the kitchen. Her tips were things that were sorely needed in my home and she provided easy-to-follow instructions and helped me feel like I was really getting a handle on my life, not just the obvious benefit of saving money during the challenge.

And you know what? We did spend a lot less money that month. We saved over a $1,000 in our first Zero Spend Month. And I got the house more organized than it had been in years. I was hooked.

Living Well Planner® budgeting forms

Over time, as I’ve learned more and more about living well and spending less from Ruth Soukup’s blog, I’ve determined that anything she offers is going to work.

AND, if you do your part to follow her instructions, it will work very well!

She has been offering her paper Living Well Planner® for a few years now, and the newest version is set to be released at the end of  this month, August 2018.

If you are the kind of person who needs a more organized life, this is THE planner you should get.

Here’s what Ruth says about the newest version:

“When it first debuted in 2015, I knew the Living Well Planner® had the potential to be life changing. It was the first of its kind—an all-in-one tool not just for planning your days, but for keeping track of your budget, managing your home, planning your meals, and reaching your goals.”

Wow! That sounds pretty amazing to me. Read more about this all-in-one planner and all its great features by clicking here.

Also, this $39 early bird pricing comes with 2 freebies:

In addition to the price discount, anyone who preorders will also receive my 2 very favorite sticky note pads FREE with their planner purchase—the Weekly Wizard™ (an $8.50 value) and the Daily Do-It™ (a $9.50 value). Both are designed to work with the planner to help you better organize your week and your days, respectively, by helping you prioritize your to-do lists to make sure that the most important things get done first. Best of all, you can stick the right into the weekly planning pages of your planner to keep yourself on track all week long!

Personally, I’m in love with the look of this year’s planner too. It’s FLORAL! I totally dig the flowers.

Get this planner so you can start organizing your life like a pro and have time to stop and smell the flowers.