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Ways to Save on Your Health and Fitness Budget

45 Ways to Save on Your Health and Fitness Budget – “Saving on Necessities” Series

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” should not be your health and fitness budget plan.If only it were that easy! Sure, apples are a healthy addition to any diet, but there’s usually a little more than an apple required for most of us to stay healthy and fit from day to day.

There are lots of ways to save in this category, while still properly taking care of your health. That is key. Cutting corners to save a bit of money while being sickly is not an option here.

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Ways to Save on Stress Relieving Activities

13 Ways to Save on Stress Relieving Activities

It’s important to take care of yourself and your mental health. But how can you save money while lowering your stress? It’s actually quite easy. There are so many possibilities, but you must schedule the time to treat yourself. So many of us put ourselves last, and that’s got to change. Here are some ways to lower your stress, enjoy some “me-time,” and fit it all into your “health and fitness” budget. 13 ways to save on stress relieving activities Save…

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11 Ways to Save on Exercise and Equipment

Want to get fit and improve your physical health? You can do just that, and it doesn’t have to make or break your budget. There are ways to save on exercise. Plus, you can actually enjoy the process. Read on for some ways to get the most out of your workouts while sticking to your budget. 11 ways to save on exercise and equipment Brainstorm exercises. Take fifteen to twenty minutes and write down any type of exercise (sports included) that…

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Ways to Save on Healthier Foods

10 Ways to Save on Healthier Foods

We all could use some food fixes in our diet. It can seem like all the junk food is the only way to stay within your budget. But that’s simply not true. Fortunately, there are ways to save on healthier foods out there. Here are some tips for adding healthier foods to your diet while saving money. 10 ways to save on healthier foods Discover the healthier foods that are consistently affordable at your local grocery store.  This is a great…

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Ways to Save at the Doctor's Office and Pharmacy

11 Ways to Save at the Doctor’s Office and Pharmacy

We all could use some doctor deals and discounts. You’re in luck! There are doctor deals and discounts out there. You just have to know how to find them. Here are some ways to get the best deals for medical appointments, prescriptions, and health care supplies. 11 ways to save at the doctor’s office and pharmacy Make Sure Your Doctor is “In Network.” First off, you want to go to an in-network doctor so your insurance pays the most possible…

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Save on Salon Fees and Cut Your Long Hair Yourself

Long Hair? Save on Salon Fees and Cut It Yourself

Do you have long hair? Is it getting split ends? Does it just need a trim? Then cutting it yourself is the way to go. A few months ago, my long hair severely needed a haircut, but I wanted to save some money on salon fees. I don’t spend much time on my hair (or makeup, for that matter), partly because I don’t care and partly because I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it myself (ha…

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Save Your Sensitive Skin - and Wallet - with Homemade Deodorant

Save Your Sensitive Skin – and Wallet – with Homemade Deodorant

Here’s my little secret that I don’t often share with people- I’ve been making my own deodorant for years. I’m not sure why that doesn’t come up in everyday conversations. LOL, homemade deodorant discussions are exciting! But the truth is, I have very sensitive skin and I’m allergic to many store-bought deodorants. They make my armpits itchy! Yeah, that’s not a fun feeling when you’re going about your day in public places around people. In my adolescent years, I didn’t…

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How I cured my hyperthyroidism naturally

How I cured my hypERthyroidism naturally

Disclaimer: I’m putting this out here in the hopes of helping others who may find themselves in a similar situation. I’m not a doctor. I can only speak from my own experience. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in August 2017 and, by March 2018, my thyroid levels were back in the normal range. When none of the usual thyroid treatments worked… “So I hear you’re our problem patient,” said my endocrinologist as she walked into the room. I shifted on…

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Free Cash for Pedometer Owners

Free Cash for Pedometer Owners – Sign Up on Achievement Website

How do you like the sound of a little extra cash just for wearing your pedometer? Seriously, you can get cash just for doing things you’re already doing! I’m all for any free and automated ways to get a little extra cash, and is one of those deals! I’ve cashed in for $50 with this site so I can personally tell you it’s legit. Here’s how it works If you wear a Fitbit or Garmin pedometer (or even just…

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