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We all could use some food fixes in our diet.

It can seem like all the junk food is the only way to stay within your budget. But that’s simply not true. Fortunately, there are ways to save on healthier foods out there.

Here are some tips for adding healthier foods to your diet while saving money.

Ways to Save on Healthier Foods

10 ways to save on healthier foods

  1. Discover the healthier foods that are consistently affordable at your local grocery store. 

    This is a great first step to finding affordable healthy food. Check the prices!
    Take a walk through the fresh fruits and vegetables section of your local grocery stores and see what items are consistently cheap, even without sales. Each grocery store is different so compare notes on prices. In our area, we get a lot of bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, lettuce, carrots, rice, beans, and other canned veggies. You can make a lot of things with those ingredients! We buy the bulk of our food at Aldi because usually only the weekly grocery ad deals are better in any given week.

  2. Stick to the outer edges of the grocery store.

    This is where they keep the healthier foods. The middle is full of the dangerous sugary fatty processed stuff.

  3. Get healthier foods for a discount.

    Look through your weekly grocery ads for whatever is currently on sale. Then buy the foods in bulk that are the best deals that your family likes, freeze what you can’t eat within a week, and plan your meals around what you bought.

  4. Buy healthier foods with coupons.

    Use grocery apps on your phone, like Ibotta and Checkout51. Between these two apps, I have saved over $100 in the past 5 months on groceries just by selecting coupons for items I plan to buy, and then scanning in the receipts.

  5. Drink more water.

    Water is free. It also keeps you hydrated and healthy. Not only do other drinks cost money that you could be spending elsewhere, but they’re often loaded with calories, sugar or unhealthy additives (soda, energy drinks, shakes, juices, beer, wine). Try replacing some of those other liquids with water in your daily routine.

  6. Drink Shakeology. 

    I had to bring this up in my post on healthier foods because it’s made such a difference in my health. Shakeology is a Beachbody product that I drink daily- not just because it has lots of vitamins and is good for me, but mainly because it keeps my thyroid working better. You can read more details on how it helped me cure my hyperthyroidism. I won’t go into the details here, but my thyroid levels are currently back to normal. However, when I said I splurge on my health and fitness category, this is what I was talking about. It seems expensive, but if it keeps me healthy and out of the doctor’s office, it’s worth it to me. And it probably saves me money on medical bills in the long run.
    If there’s a product out there that keeps you healthy, don’t be afraid to splurge on it too. Your budget will constantly change each month and you can find ways to save elsewhere and keep your health.

  7. Eat more fruits and veggies. 

    Buy them on sale! Even better, grow your own! If your family has a hard time getting through all of the fresh fruits or vegetables that you buy at the store on sale or pick from your garden, use my simple tip to keep them from spoiling and wasting them.

  8. Eat less meat.

    Meat is one of the most costly foods you can buy at the store. Make sure you buy it on sale and freeze extra. Then try minimizing how much you use in your weekly meal plans. Even just eliminating one meat-based meal each day can drastically cut down on your grocery bills.

  9. Take a daily vitamin. 

    If your diet is missing some key nutrients, this will help supplement that deficit and prevent illness. If you’re not drinking Shakeology, this is an important alternative.

  10. Enjoy the holidays in moderation.

    There may be some not-so-healthy foods that you can’t bear to live without. Allow yourself to enjoy them in moderation, especially during holidays, and do it guilt-free. The guilt-free technique I use is checking out all the food available at a party before putting a single thing on my plate. Then I can pick out my top 3 favorites, and get a small portion of those (in moderation). The rest of my meal can be healthier foods and I still get to savor my favorites without completely blowing my diet.

These are just the food fixes that I’ve compiled to help you with healthier food ideas and save money in your health and fitness budget category. There are additional ways to save money on food in general, and I’ve included additional tips for that in my post about saving on your food budget.

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