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How does over $200 cash back sound?

My sister loves Ibotta and has gotten over $200 cash back using it.

With that in mind, I finally decided that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try and see what I could save. Any extra cash helps now that I’m not bringing in a paycheck.

Get Easy Cash Back on Groceries

Ibotta has a free app for your phone

Setup was a cinch. Just install the app on your phone and follow the prompts to select your favorite stores. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the app included Target and most of our grocery stores like Hyvee, Sprouts, and Price Chopper! Then start scrolling through all of the cash back offers. There were a few that interested me and a few that I figured we would definitely use so I added them to my account just in case. When I was done, I think I had added around 35 offers!

Then my husband went grocery shopping yesterday and bought items he was planning on buying anyway (rather than changing his spending habits to fit Ibotta offers), and we still qualified for 3 offers and got 75ยข on Ibotta! I call that a win!

Ibotta Cash Back Earnings History

Now, you may think that doesn’t sound like much, but I understand that I’m just getting started. Learning how to make the most of this app will take time. I’m happy with this first attempt! Because I plan on continuing to learn the ins and outs of couponing, these numbers will only grow.

And this is how my brain works:

If I can save a dollar or two a week, this will pay for my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

Use my referral code, rldcxmn, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Plus, the bigger our team, the faster we can rack up extra cash from the teamwork levels.

Sign up at

UPDATE: 3/21/2018ย I found some great deals on gluten-free bread this week, plus some bonuses, and now, in only the second month of using Ibotta, I have saved over $30!!!

You should definitely give it a try!