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Did you like to color when you were a kid?

Why as adults do we stop doing things that we enjoyed when we were younger? My theory is that we forget to slow down and enjoy these kinds of things once family life gets hectic.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s good for you to slow down and remember some of the things you enjoyed- like coloring books. You should take some time and enjoy coloring like you used to do as a kid.

There have been studies on its benefits!

It’s one of those relaxing things we can do for ourselves to help de-stress after a rough day. You can even make it a family activity and color with your kids!

You're an Adult and You Should Color

Even CNN featured an article about how useful coloring can be for adults. You can read more here: Adult Coloring Books and Mental Health

My sister gave me a cat-themed coloring book for my birthday and I was so excited! I took a few minutes to color this first cat. Blue and green, cool and calming colors. It truly was enjoyable.

So give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have you gotten an adult coloring book and spent time finding your inner child again? Did you find it to be a stress reliever?