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Never pay a late fee for overdue library books again

Never pay a late fee for overdue library books again

If you like to read and spend money on books, you’re going to want to read this post about the Overdrive app. I’ve been on a reading kick lately. It’s something I enjoy doing to relax and de-stress. I usually try to read self-improvement books. However, I’ve recently been reading a whole lot of books from my favorite genre: fantasy.  I’m hooked on the fantasy series The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I’m currently on book 6- and that’s not…

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11 Facts that will make you want a cordless electric lawn mower

11 Reasons You Should Switch to a Cordless Electric Mower

Buying a cordless electric mower ten years ago has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made!!! In fact, I feel that way about a lot of the electric items that we’ve switched to using over the years, like our electric car and robot vacuum cleaner. But back to the electric mower. Did you know that the average lifespan of a lawn mower is 8-10 years? If you have a traditional push mower, you’ll have all those years of…

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Make Your Own Tall Planters

Make your own tall planters and save over $100 on each

Since moving into our home nearly four years ago, I had a plan to put some nice tall planters on our front stoop. But I just never got around to it. Whenever I saw them for sale in the store or online, the tall planters (nearly 3 feet high) would go for more than $150 EACH! So I resolved to figure out how to make my own. Luckily, Pinterest came to my rescue and I found this wonderful tutorial on…

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Get Scholastic Books for Free

Spend nothing and bring home (nearly) all of the Scholastic books that your kid wants

Is your kid like mine? When it’s Scholastic books time, she wants all the books! She comes home from school with the Scholastic book order forms, grabs a pen, and starts circling. The next thing I know, I am being handed order forms that look like poorly written papers graded by a strict teacher – covered in markings with upwards of 30 books that my kid wants me to buy. Now, don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love how…

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Frugal Finance 101 - Do More with Less

Frugal finance 101: Do more with less

Before you read this post, have you read my post on creating a budget? If so, carry on. If not, please check it out first so you get off on the right frugal foot. Frugal finance 101: You need a budget This is when things get really fun because you get to review your budget, cut out the fat, and brainstorm ways to still do things that you love for less money. I’m telling you, this is the step that…

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Frugal Finance 101 - You Need a Budget

Frugal finance 101: You need a budget

I’ve gotta tell you, when my family reached financial freedom, it was a wonderful amazing feeling! But it didn’t happen overnight. We implemented a budget and scrimped and saved and threw as much money as we could at our bills, car payments, and house payments. And then 4 years after implementing that budget, we had no credit card debt and no loans. Even the house was paid off! And in 5 years, our net-worth had doubled. Our financial freedom was…

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