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Buying a cordless electric mower ten years ago has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made!!!

In fact, I feel that way about a lot of the electric items that we’ve switched to using over the years, like our electric car and robot vacuum cleaner.

But back to the electric mower.

Did you know that the average lifespan of a lawn mower is 8-10 years?

If you have a traditional push mower, you’ll have all those years of changing the oil, buying extra gasoline and refilling the gas tank, and starting it using a pull cord. And that pull cord start is a nearly impossible task for me personally.

But for about the same price, you can skip all that work and extra costs and buy an electric mower! And those aren’t the only reasons that make a cordless electric mower better (IMHO).

Let’s go through some of the great reasons that an electric mower beats gas.

11 Facts that will make you want a cordless electric lawn mower

Here’s my list of top 11 reasons you should switch to a cordless electric mower.

  1. Environment /Carbon footprint. Making the switch to electric and away from gasoline/oil is better for the environment.
  2. Easy start-up. Gas push mowers are started with a pull cord. That was a nearly impossible task for me personally. When we had a gas mower, I’d have to wait for my husband to get home from work to start it for me so I could mow the lawn. I just could not start it with that pull cord! Now that we have an electric mower, I put in a key and pull a lever, and boom- it starts up like magic. No muscle required.
  3. Lighter and compact. Since the mower isn’t full of gas and oil, it’s much lighter to begin with and easier to push around your yard. The push bar can also fold down so the mower is compact and light enough for me to easily lift into our car trunk for travel (like when we want to get the blades sharpened at the hardware store).
  4. Quieter. This was a major plus for me. Our electric mower is so much quieter than a conventional gas mower that I can pretty much mow whenever I want and not bother the neighbors. It’s also better for my own hearing.
  5. No extension cord. It’s electric, but it doesn’t have a cord to avoid chopping while you’re mowing. When you’re done mowing, you just plug it in and recharge the batteries. It’ll be ready to go again in a few hours.
  6. Recharges in your garage. We plug ours in towards the back of our garage, out of the way. But really, you could charge it wherever you’ve got an electrical outlet. When the light turns green, you know it’s fully charged.
  7. No oil changes. Since an electric mower doesn’t need oil, you save time, money, and messy situations.
  8. No gasoline. Since an electric mower doesn’t need gasoline either, you save time and money, you prevent accidental spills and fire hazards, or dangerous chemicals around your children. Plus, no gas smell!
  9. Minimal maintenance. In ten years, the only maintenance has been sharpening the blades each spring. It has lasted longer than the upper range of a lawn mower’s average lifespan, and we just prolonged it further by replacing the batteries this spring. When the rechargeable batteries started to give out at the end of the last mowing season, my husband did a little research online and was able to find a replacement battery for our electric mower. We decided to buy and install the new rechargeable batteries for $70, rather than buying a new electric mower for $200-400. We may get at least another 10 years out of it at this rate!!
  10. Equivalent upfront cost as traditional gas powered mower. The price range for a cordless electric mower is about the same as the price range for gas mowers. When you need a new mower, you can make the switch to an electric mower with confidence.
  11. Lower cost long term. Not only is the upfront cost about the same, but you are going to save on all the maintenance costs. Yessssss!

I honestly cannot think of one way that a gas mower would be better than an electric mower.

I absolutely LOVE our electric mower, and I know you will too when you make the switch.

What has been your experience with your push mower? Share your favorite- or least favorite- characteristics or memories in the comments below.