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If you like to read and spend money on books, you’re going to want to read this post about the Overdrive app.

I’ve been on a reading kick lately. It’s something I enjoy doing to relax and de-stress. I usually try to read self-improvement books. However, I’ve recently been reading a whole lot of books from my favorite genre: fantasy.  I’m hooked on the fantasy series The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I’m currently on book 6- and that’s not including the novellas that I’ve read in between the main books.

But I’m not breaking the bank reading all these books.

I read all these books for free, right on my phone without the possibility of late fees!

The library is awesome. I get all my books from the library these days. You’d be surprised how extensive your library’s book collection is. Seriously, if there’s a book you’re interested in reading, ALWAYS check your library first before buying it. Nine times out of ten, I’ll find the book that I wanted and won’t need to buy it.

Checking out books from the library saves money in our entertainment budget (especially if you have a kid who wants all the scholastic books like mine does), it saves space in our home, and it prevents buyer’s remorse – I can stop reading a book that I’m not enjoying without any guilty feelings.

But from time to time, we still get a late fee at the library. Every few months, we’ll misplace a book or lose track of the due dates and discover we owe the library some money. But there is a way to avoid these late fees completely.

Never pay a late fee for overdue library books again

Never pay a late fee by reading ebooks and audio books.

I’ve nearly stopped getting late fees completely by switching from reading physical books to reading ebooks and audio books. Only physical books can be returned late to the library, which I’ll explain in more detail shortly. Switching to ebooks/audio books also saves our family time and gas because I can check out the books right on my phone whenever I want without setting foot in the library. That’s how I’ve read all of The Iron King books! (We still pick up physical books for my kiddo a lot, but this helps cut down on accidental late fees.)

The app that I installed in order to start checking out and reading library books on my phone is called Overdrive. When you install the app, it allows you to link all of your library cards to your Overdrive account. Mine has my Mid-Continent Public Library and Kansas City Public Library cards linked. You can easily search for and check out ebooks and audio books at any of your libraries at any time.

It’s great being able to immediately read a book on my phone whenever I want without lugging around physical copies, but my favorite part about Overdrive is that you cannot get late fees from any books you check out using the app.

The books are automatically returned electronically on their due dates. Or you can manually return them early.

It is just not possible to return a book late using Overdrive!

Overdrive is the best thing since sliced bread!

Not only can you not get late fees, but you can also place holds on books, automatically check out books, save favorites, make recommendations for the library to add certain books, and more!

If you haven’t been using Overdrive, it’s high time you started. Do yourself a favor and install this free and oh-so-helpful app today. Read more here: