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It’s almost Independence Day. That means it’s time for your Fourth of July party!

Celebrating the independence day of our country brings to mind fireworks, food, fun in the sun, and red-white-and-blue everything!

And you’re reading this post because you care about sticking to your budget for this holiday. Big thumbs up to you, fellow frugal thumb! Good on you for doing what it takes to get and keep your family out of debt!

So how do you have an awesome party for Independence Day without spending crazy money? Your party doesn’t have to suffer.

I’ve got some budget-friendly ideas for you that will make your Fourth of July party the talk of the town. Without breaking the bank!

32 Frugal and Fantastic Fourth of July Party Ideas

Decorations for your Fourth of July party

  • White and/or blue strands of Christmas lights. Put these up around your deck and patio for instant sparkle.
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  • Oscilating fans. Strategically place your fans outdoors to simultaneously give your guests a cool breeze and deter mosquitoes from flying around your party.
  • Umbrellas for shade. Set out a crate filled with your umbrellas for guests to use as shade whenever they get the urge.
  • Red solo cups, blue sharpies, and star stickers. Set out sharpies and stickers next to red cups for your guests to decorate and use when they get thirty.
  • Decorated plain white paper plates. you can buy the cheapest paper plates (if you don’t want to do the dishes after the party) and snazz them up with some more of those star stickers around the edges.
  • Christmas Wreath centerpieces. Just wrap them in red and white ribbon and put a candle in the middle. This is another easy DIY craft using items you already have in the house to make some sweet centerpieces perfectly themed for your party.
  • Scrap wood painted red, white, and blue, and star stencils (with fun words stenciled on like snap, crackle, and pop).  Paint wood and/or dip sticks (fallen from trees in the yard) into red, white, and blue paints for pops of color around the outdoor party space.
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  • Tin cans painted red, white, and blue. Recycle/reuse some tin cans by cleaning them thoroughly, then painting red, white, and blue. These can hold forks, spoons, and knives for guests, or even be used for various snacks on the tables like m&ms and peanuts.
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  • Create/use big star stencil to spray paint white stars in the grass. Decorate your lawn beside the sidewalks or walkways by making a big star stencil from a poster board and white spray paint.
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  • Cover tables with white butcher paper “table cloth” and set out red and blue crayons. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the opportunity to color.
  • Pinwheels. You can make them red, white, and blue and then decorate with these or also provide an activity for guests to make them.
  • Balloons. Blow up some red, white, and blue balloons and throw them around inside the house or tape up clusters around the outdoor space. Important environmental note: be sure these make it to the trash when you’re done with them so no animals ingest them.

Food for your Fourth of July party

  • Buy fruits that are on sale the week before and the week of the party. The fruits from the week before can be frozen and used for extra cold snacks like Popsicles or fruit smoothies, while the fruits from the week of can be set out as is.
  • Make drinks in bulk like lemonade and punch instead of having individual bottles/cans. Set out large pitchers and such so guests can help themselves; examples include red and blue koolaid or crystal light powder mixes.
  • Fun Pops frozen fruit Popsicles. You can buy these for really cheap at the store (like $2 for 24) and they’re a classic frozen summer treat.
  • Have a pot luck party. If everyone brings a dish, that will spread the cost of food among the guests and ensure there is something everyone will enjoy.
  • Buy hamburger/hotdogs on sale ahead of time. When you see a good deal on hamburger meat or packs of hotdogs, snatch those up and save in the freezer for the big day.
  • Cook outdoors to keep the house cooler. This will save on your electricity bill and give your food that perfect grilled flavor.
  • BYOB. This will also help you stick to your budget by spreading the cost of alcoholic beverages among the guests who want them.
  • Popcorn with food coloring. Pop your popcorn at home and fill a few large bowls with various colors for a cheap and popular snack.
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  • Rice Krispy treats with food coloring. This is another cheap and popular dessert that can be made in various colors as well.
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  • Chips, veggies, and dip. Bags of tortilla chips and making your own salsa and other various dips is one of the cheaper snacks to provide for your guests, but also always a big hit. Baby carrots are cheap, and you can serve them and whatever veggies were on sale at the store with Ranch dressing.

Activities/Entertainment for your Fourth of July party

  • Buy fireworks on and after the fourth for steep discounts. If your party is after the Fourth, you can save big on fireworks with this tip. Or you can stock up for next year’s party!
  • Go to a nearby fireworks show. Skip buying fireworks completely by having your guests head over to a nearby show rather than setting off your own.
  • Borrow friends’ yard games. If you have your own, great! Otherwise, there’s no need to go buy your own. Just ask your expected guests to bring any they have on hand, like a bean bag toss, croquet, jenga, tic-tac-toe, etc.
  • Chalk. Set out chalk for the kids to draw on the patio, driveway, and sidewalks.
  • Bubbles. Set out bubbles for kids and adults to blow around the yard.
  • Paper fans. Make a few ahead of time or set out some paper and crayons for guests to color and fold their own.
  • Catch fireflies. If the party is going late into the evening, set out a few old jars for catching fireflies!
  • Sprinkler and other water activities. If it’s extra hot, tell your guests to bring swimsuits. Then set up a sprinkler, water table, squirt guns, and other fun water toys.
  • Fireworks craft. Tape a few straws together and bend the ends outward to look like fireworks. Dip the ends into red/blue paint and use it like a stamp on paper to make a fireworks painting.
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  • Scavenger hunt for kids. Make a list of items for the kids to search for and find.
There you have it!

I hope these budget-friendly ideas help you prepare for your own party, and stay within your monthly budget. Holidays should never break the bank. It just takes some creativity and you can have a frugal and awesome party!

If you still need some more ideas, search Pinterest!
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Enjoy your awesome Fourth of July party!!!