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Beware of this scammy gift card practice – plus lessons learned

I want you to be aware of this gift card practice that I came across when using a gift card online. After reading this post, you’ll know what to do if it happens to you–and prevent it from happening to you! This literally happened to me this week: I tried to use one of my gift cards for Office Depot and their website told me it was invalid. Now, other people might assume that they just forgot that they’d used…

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How to Save on Birthday Gifts for Kids

Do your kids get invited to a lot of birthday parties?
If your family is like ours, between friends and family, it’s probably not uncommon to have some months with multiple parties for kiddos!
Of course, each one of those parties has an aging guest of honor who needs a gift from your child and/or family.
Oh, the happy and fun times!
Oh, the budgeting horrors!
But what if I told you all those parties didn’t have to be a strain on your family’s budget?

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