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I am constantly using my phone to search for things on the internet. Questions I have, news I want to read, images I want to see, projects I want to try, products I want to find, etc.

My old internet search strategy used to be to “google” everything–until I found out that I could get paid for my internet searches elsewhere.

If I could search the internet, get the same great search results, AND make a little cash, why not do that?

I only had to do one thing differently–use Bing instead of Google.

I now earn about $5 every 2 months just for internet searches. And my husband uses Bing too, so as a family, we earn about $5/month from Bing. (He’s the one who told me about Bing paying for internet searches!)

Yes, I’m sure they’re using my internet search history for research purposes, but so was Google. So I figure I might as well get paid for the privilege.

And if you don’t want or need the extra cash, they also offer options to donate your rewards to various charities.

The whole process of setting up Bing for searches is really quite simple.

On a phone: Install the Bing app from the App Store and then move it to where your old go-to browser app was located (which was Safari, in my case). It’s as easy to open and easier to use than Safari or Edge.
iPhone: App Store
Android: Google Play Store

On a laptop: Open your go-to browser and then set the default search engine and default webpage to Now, every time you open a new browser window or new tab, it will go right to And if you type some keywords into the search bar, it automatically uses Bing to search the internet.

It’s a really simple way to rack up points quickly and easily, with little to no disruption to your previous internet search routine.

Bing also gives you the opportunity to earn points faster with daily “did you know” facts, short quizzes, and a poll.

All you have to do is go to your account info in the Bing app, tap on Rewards, and tap through the “Daily Set.” Facts take as little as a few seconds, quizzes take less than 2 minutes to complete, and the poll is another few seconds.

For example, today’s facts were about Pluto, the quiz had some geography questions, and the poll was: Which would you rather experience this winter? Northern lights or Tropical climes

Bing even shows you how your answer compares to other Bing users. As you can see, I’m in the minority with my tropical climes answer. Don’t get me wrong–I’d love to see the Northern lights some day. But it’s cold right now and I’m dreaming of summer!

Bonus feature: I love that the background photo on Bing changes every day. There’s always something interesting to see and learn about.
Today was a photo of the dwarf planet Pluto’s crescent taken by NASA! It was discovered on this day in 1930. And I also learned that a flyby study from 2015 revealed that it has a heart-shaped glacier, blue skies, spinning moons, mountains as tall as the Rockies, and the snow is… RED. What?!

Once you have enough points, you can cash in for a gift card. We usually get a $5 target card, but there are quite a few other options.

Here’s how you get paid:

  1. Open your Bing app on your phone and tap the Account button (the little profile icon in the bottom right corner).
  2. Tap on “Rewards.”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Rewards screen and tap “How to redeem your Rewards points.”
  4. Tap “Browse the Redeem Page.”
  5. Select a reward.
  6. Redeem points for the reward.

For my more visual readers, here are screenshots of each step involved in points redemption:

Once you’ve submitted your choice, you’ll get a confirmation email with the information you need to get your gift card.

So there you have it. Bing is an easy way to make a bit of fun money without any effort. It’s a nice perk for doing the internet searches you would’ve done anyway.

Install the app and start racking up points today:

iPhone: App Store
Android: Google Play Store

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Feel frugal and free, friends!