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This recipe has been great for getting my shower clean and, most importantly, keeping it that way!

I found this idea on Pinterest and it really works as a soap scum buster.

I still had a store bought bottle of soap scum remover so I used that up first and reused the spray bottle (waste not, want not!) to hold the new chemical-free mixture. It’s only two ingredients that I already had in my house-equal parts vinegar and dish soap. That’s it!

I keep the bottle and an old loofah in the shower.

I had to scrub really good with the loofah to get the initial scum off the walls and shower door, but since then, it’s stayed pretty clean by just spraying, letting it sit while I shower, and then rinsing before I get out.

My shower door hadn’t looked that clean and clear since we’d moved in a couple years ago. It’s now a perfectly transparent piece of glass. Beautiful!

Just look at that reflective surface. ?