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You can get a nice crisp look to your yard even if the grass isn’t perfect by regularly trimming the cement edges in your yard (i.e. sidewalks and driveway).

We don’t treat out grass with anything so we gave a lot of clover and weeds that I’ll pull by hand. Even with those “imperfections,” I think the yard looks great when the edges are sharp along the sidewalks and driveway.

All it takes to get this clean look is a string trimmer aka weed eater, a long power cord, and a leaf blower.

I slowly work down the cement sweeping left and right with the weed eater, clearing a small line of dirt between the cement and the grass. The cement should be completely visible and not overgrown with grass.


This is another yard work task that I find stress relieving. There’s something about methodically revealing that crisp line and seeing the final results that is satisfying.