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Do you spend a lot of time vacuuming your home? Or do you put it off until you see large dust bunnies in the corners or step on something unidentifiable?

That pretty much describes how I used to vacuum. I might vacuum consistently for a couple of weeks and then I would put off vacuuming the floors for as long as possible- going weeks without vacuuming the floors. And it showed. But I did not want to spend my time vacuuming when there’s so much else to do!

But it’s not like that for me anymore.

What if I told you that you could free up that time spent vacuuming and still keep the floors clean enough for guests at any time?

Keep your floors clean without vacuuming

When we got hardwood floors installed in our house, I knew I was going to have to do better and take care of our investment. Wood flooring is a big investment and I wanted to ensure it looked nice for years to come!

So, I did a little researching – and there is, in fact, a way to keep your floors clean without vacuuming! Or, at least, vacuuming waaay less.

And the answer is: Deebot

Deebot is an electronic robotic vacuum cleaner and has become one of my favorite household helpers!

You’ve seen the advertisements for these cute little machines that can automate your house cleaning at the touch of a button. I was drawn to the idea of offloading that vacuuming chore to a robot, so we looked for deals.

We bought an Ecovacs Deebot during Cyber Monday for a steal of a deal nearly two years ago. And it’s been worth every penny. Even without the special pricing, it’s cheaper than the more famous brand, Roomba, and it’s similarly priced to your old school “manual push vacuum.” 😉

Since getting our Deebot, I rarely vacuum anymore, yet the floor stays cleaner than it ever was when we had carpet. This machine handles the vacuuming for me multiple times a week! I never cease to be amazed at how much dust, dirt, and hair it picks up every time… TMI? But it’s an impressive feature!

It even fits under most of our furniture – couch, chairs, beds…

Deebot fits under furniture


  • Similar in price to other vacuum cleaners, cheaper than a Roomba
  • Vacuums while you tend to other things
  • Can be scheduled to automatically run daily, or start whenever you want by pushing the green power button
  • Runs for 2 hours before heading back to its base to recharge itself
  • Quieter than our old manual vacuum cleaner
  • Will not fall off ledges – has a drop sensor feature


  • Must be cleaned after 1-2 runs. At least it’s getting full so I know it’s working! Oh, if only the robot vacuum cleaner could clean itself. Maybe one day that will be invented…
  • Sporadically makes its way around – you never know where it’s going to go, but since it goes for 2 hours, it eventually gets most areas. Especially if you run it daily.
  • May get stuck between and under chair legs, etc and generally try to eat things you don’t want it to (like socks, papers, and wires). I prevent this by doing a little run through the house to pick up anything on the floor before it starts.
  • Best for maintenance vacuuming. If you spill something, it’s still handy to have a little manual vacuum cleaner or handheld for quick cleanup.

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, I highly recommend getting a Deebot. The pros far outweigh the cons. We took a chance and I daresay we’ll never look back. This Deebot is still going strong after nearly two years, but when it inevitably gives out, you can bet we’ll be getting another!

Leave the daily maintenance vacuuming to Deebot and you too can keep your floors clean without vacuuming!