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Because I am leaving my job at the end of this month (only two days away, aaah!), I decided to get my yearly doctor visit in while I still had my current insurance. They called me with my blood test results and told me that my thyroid levels were usually on the low side of normal, but this time they were especially low (.05), and it’s supposed to be between ~.4 and .5… They wanted to re-test it so I went in again for another round of blood tests. I found out today that the second test was also .05.

What are the chances that they messed it up twice, right? 😉 With that, they diagnosed me with hypothyroidism.

I googled the symptoms and am now convinced that this might be playing a role in my fatigue and depression. I am excited to see if this discovery and treatments can help improve how I feel day to day–in addition to my new “home job” of course!