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My cats are experts at spilling water from their water bowls. Even after I got a fancy supposed no-spill bowl setup thingy.

So this is what I did that finally seems to prevent puddles on our floor:

I placed one of those cheap (read: ugly) grippy bottom pet bowl mats on the floor and then covered it with a less offensive looking bathroom mat. Then I placed the no-spill bowls on top.

Voila! Even if some water still spills, the double layer of mats saves the hardwood floor.

EDIT: My cat Mac is a fiend. This new setup worked for a few days before she figured out how to put her paw in the water, yank, and spill the water far and wide. I’ll figure out a solution to this someday. For now, I’m trying to keep the floor dry with a good mat to soak up any spills.