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Earlier this month, I decided that September was going to be the month that I finally tried Ruth Soukup’s LWSZ program. Since I won’t be getting a paycheck, it seemed like a logical step to me. It’s an opportunity to show my family that we are going to be alright financially, and see what we can save with a month like this every once in awhile.

I’ve signed the commitment form:

And my husband and I have talked through the ground rules for the month.

We will be allowed to buy milk, eggs, and 1-2 fruit/veggies per week. The rest of our meals will come from items already in our freezers and panty.

And we’ll still pay all our bills, continue our church donations, and pay dues for girl scouts, PTA, and volleyball, and gasoline plus a little trip money for me to visit my friend Constance next weekend.

Things we may absolutely not purchase this month include fast food, personal care, and Target/Lowes stuff in general.

Each day, I will be working on a new project around the house– I can’t wait!!!