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Do you have an old wooden flag pole? Does it look battered and stained?

Don’t throw it out just yet! Chances are you can get some more life out of it with one simple update.

Breathe new life into that old wooden flag pole with a little bit of white spray paint.

Make Your Old Wooden Flag Pole New with Spray Paint

Our flag pole looked like it needed to be trashed, but now we can be proud to hang our flags from it again.

We bought a can of white spray paint, laid out a plastic sheet in the yard, and sprayed that old flag pole.

Ta da! That’s it. This is a quick, easy, and cheap project.

It’s nice when we can reuse something we already own rather than buying new. I like doing these little things that are more environmentally friendly and keep things out of the dump.

Here’s our “after” photo. The hubs likes to hang our SKC flag on game days. LOL

old wooden flag pole with a fresh coat of white spray paint

So there you have it. A little spray paint and our old wooden flag pole is like new again.

I’ve started seeing all the possibilities that can be realized with a bit of spray paint- or a can of paint! Wonderful, wonderful paint. It’s amazing what you can salvage and re-purpose and make new again when you start looking for it.

I’ve used it for: cement flooring, photo frames, metal shelving units, wall art frames, wall stencil art, planters, outdoor benches and posts, a kitchen stool, and much more!

What have you saved with a little paint?