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I like looking around on Pinterest for diy ideas to try. Especially when something is going to cost more than I want to pay. Can I make it myself more affordably?

We are trying to set our basement up for movie viewing with a projector, but a lot of light comes through two high windows. We really wanted a way to black them out as needed. So I Pinterested and I bought the supplies to make a curtain rod for our oddly sized basement windows last month.

This week, I finally got around to finishing the project.

For less than thirteen bucks, I made this curtain rod out of a couple wall hooks, ten feet of electrical conduit, a couple knob pulls, and a can of white spray paint.

My husband cut the conduit to the length of our windows and helped me screw in the hooks (i’m short).

I eventually plan on getting (or making) nicer curtains, but we had these on hand and free is nice right now. I folded them up so they were thicker, safety pinned them, and added my attempt at joozing to the top.