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I was in the backyard this week when I heard a commotion in one of the trees. I went closer to check it out, and the neighbor’s cat followed me. We were both staring up in the trees trying to figure out what was going on up there. Leaves were streaming down like rain and I heard screeching. Then I saw an adult squirrel jumping around, and only moments later, a small squirrel fell from the tree only a few feet from me. The neighbor’s cat pounced and started biting the poor little guy before I could scream and chase it off.

He was bleeding and crying and couldn’t move his back legs.

I wanted to save the tiny squirrel so I started googling “how to help a baby squirrel.” Those search results informed me that I could not keep out and should not feed it, and led me to google “how to find a wildlife rehabilitator.” And those search results showed me links for wildlife rehab locations in every state, and led me to call Lakeside Wildlife Center. I got voicemail. It’s not far from me so I decided not to wait around to find out if they’d take the little guy-I carefully placed him in a box and drove over.

Thank goodness they take injured wildlife. They said they’d assess his injuries, probably give him some antibiotics for the cat bites, and set his legs so they could heal. They even had a postcard that I could fill out and they’ll mail it to me when they have more information on his status.

EDIT: I received the postcard a few days later. Unfortunately, the fella broke his spine in the fall–not his legs… There was nothing they could do. ? At least I learned what I can do for injured and baby wildlife to give them the best chance, and will be better prepared if it happens again. ? I’m so grateful that there are places like Lakeside to take care of wild animals in need.