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Ah, the power of power washing!

I knew the patio needed to be cleaned, but I had no idea how badly. My in-laws let me borrow their power washer and I set to work spraying it down this morning.

Patio Power Washing Therapy

Once I got everything hooked up correctly and figured out how to turn it on, things went smoothly. Well, as long as you don’t mind getting dirty. By the time I finished power washing the patio, I was covered in a thin film of mud from head to toe. But look at these results! So worth it.

Wow, the stairs were so dirty!

And I don’t know what exactly it is about cleaning projects like this that I find oddly therapeutic… just power washing the dirt away, one paver at a time, watching the colors change. Very satisfying, indeed.

Now my next patio project will be to re-level all the pavers that are sinking in and causing walking hazards. I’ve got the pebbles and sand. Just a little more DIY research to do first.