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If you’re like me, you remember to use the coasters strategically placed in the most useful places around the house.
But sometimes the iced drinks are left out so long that even the coasters can’t handle the condensation that is running over the sides.
So how do you prevent that and save your tables from the inevitable water ring?

Here’s a little trick that I use for preventing that- with just one thing you probably already have at home right now:
Place your coaster in the lid of a plastic jar!

I know, I know, that sounds like it wouldn’t look so great, but it really works! I find that the best size lid for coasters are the ones from my jars of mixed nuts or trail mix. You can even make them any color that matches your home decor best with a little spray paint.

And now, we no longer have leaky coasters! The best part is I can just pop them out of the lid whenever they need cleaning.

So that’s my easy, simple, cheap solution to those water rings- as long as you remember to use the coasters!

Have you tried this? Do you use another solution in your home? Share with us in the comments.