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Due to our health insurance coverage and budgeting, we had to get some very plain eyeglasses for my daughter’s first pair of frames. You can read about that frugal experience and how we saved over $300 on the frames here. But I wanted my kiddo to love her glasses, and they were boring compared to the frames she had really wanted. So I did some brainstorming.

How can you add serious personality to plain eyeglasses? And how can you change the look without fear of ruining the frames?

Add Serious Personality to Your Plain Eyeglasses

Simple solution: decorate those eyeglasses with nail stickers. Nail stickers are cheap, the design options are endless, and they can be removed relatively easily. And since they are not permanent, you can change up the look as often as you want.

My daughter had boring black eyeglasses until we added some glam with nail stickers. She picked out the stickers and told me where to place them. And they turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself.

eyeglasses with nail stickers

Added bonus: she has stopped complaining about her glasses and actually enjoys wearing them.

Update: we changed up the stickers for her upcoming first communion. She opted for diamonds and white flowers. ❤

eyeglasses with nail stickers

If your insurance and budget only allows for you to get super plain eyeglasses too, turn that into a positive and have some fun decorating yours with nail stickers!