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I don’t want to overspend on an item because who really does? It’s a waste of hard-earned money. So, in the past, I’ve spent hours and hours searching for a particular product, trying to find the cheapest version, the best deals. Sometimes, I’d find a cheaper version and sometimes (truthfully most of the time), it was a big waste of time. And time is money too.

So how do you find the cheapest price for any particular item on Amazon without spending the better part of your evening searching the site?

It turns out that there’s an add-on for that!

Find the cheapest price for items on Amazon

Today, I saw an advertisement for a browser add-on that does all the work to find the best price for me! Of course, I had to give it a try.

It’s called “Honey,” and I’m already impressed by it in less than half an hour. I started testing it out on some of the items we have in our Amazon wish lists. Honey said that many of the items were already the lowest price it could find on Amazon, but then there were items like this:


When I browsed to the item’s page, the honey button displayed above the price showing a version that was $5.38 cheaper! Wow! Not bad at all for savings that required no extra work on my part. 

I just wish that this existed when I was searching for deals for my wedding a decade ago! This would’ve been such a time-saver and stress-reliever.

Install the FREE add-on to your browser here: