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When my husband’s car was totaled only two weeks after I quit my job, we both panicked. He was rear ended at a stop light and, luckily, everyone was okay–thank God! Just not his car. That was totaled.

Get Max Dollar for Your Totaled Car

The timing of our totaled car could not be worse. We were on a tighter budget than ever!

And now we had to hurry and get another car for the hubs. I started googling ways to get money for a totaled car. There were options out there to sell it for parts, but most of it seemed very time-consuming with no guarantee on a worthwhile return.

Then I found

And wow, I just have to share how awesome this company is!

The insurance of the person who rear-ended my husband was only going to pay us a certain amount for the totaled car. We asked if that amount was for us keeping the car or with them taking it. It turned out the price they told us included less than $200 for them to take it away. In other words, if we decided to keep the car rather than give it to them, they’d only pay us $200 less. Well, I knew the un-wrecked parts of our car were worth more than $200! That’s when I started googling other options.

And I’m so glad I did! CarBrain buys wrecked and unwanted cars, and their site has an easy quiz to get a free estimate on what they’ll pay you for yours. I filled it out and they wanted to buy our totaled car for $910. With this arrangement, we’d still get the money from the insurance (minus $200 from their initial quote) AND the money from CarBrain.

All in all, we’d come out about $700 ahead.

Obviously, Carbrain was a no-brainer. Pun intended. 🙂

I was nervous about how the exchange would work, but it turned out to be super simple. CarBrain sent a tow truck to get our car at the auto body shop, I handed over the signed title and keys, they handed over the check, and towed the car away. Done and done.

To be honest, I was nervous if the check would deposit okay, but I worried for nothing.

I deposited the check at our bank with no issues.

What a great alternative to just taking the tiny amount that the insurance offered!

If you ever find yourself in a bind like us, and time is not on your side, take a look into CarBrain to squeeze a little more money out of an unfortunate situation.