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Ever since we replaced our cream colored carpeting for honey strand bamboo flooring, my husband has hated our white air vents. To him, they stick out like sore thumbs around the rooms.

But at that time, we researched the price of new wood air vents-and we stopped looking. It was definitely cost prohibitive, and that was how we felt when I was still working. ($20-40 per air vent)

So, in keeping with my plan to show my husband that we can survive without my old salary and still make home improvements that he wants, I decided to try some good ol spray paint on our existing air vents. One can of spray paint = $4. What a bargain!

I took an extra piece of flooring with me to the hardware store and found a can of the closest matching spray paint.

Then I cleaned off one of the old vents and prepared a space to spray paint outside.

It took a few light coats for me to get all of it, but it was well worth it. The look is like night and day.

My husband is very happy with the results, and for four bucks, so am I!