Gardening & Growing

Happiness is… gardening.

There is so much to love and learn about plants! You can grow and nurture them from seedlings or cuttings. Admire their beauty, enjoy their fresh air, or eat them. You can talk or sing to them. And perhaps simplest yet most rewarding of all, you can just be with them. They are naturally stress-relieving.

Whatever you do with them, you will be rewarded 10 times over.

How to Make Halloween Ghost Lights for Free

This craft cost us nothing and was a fun way for us to decorate the stairs up to our front door for trick or treaters. We collected empty gallon milk cartons for weeks. Then we had a great time with our kiddo drawing spooky faces on each one. I cut an opening in the back, weighed it down with a rock, and stuffed in some white Christmas lights. Voila! It really looks great at night. Picture coming soon.

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Four leaf clover jewelry

My daughter is one of the luckiest people. I’ve never found a four leaf clover, but she has found at least five in her short seven years of life. We picked and dried a few of them to make into these beautiful lucky necklaces. I’d never tried making this kind of jewelry before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was quite easy! I plan on trying my hand at a few other plant inspired pieces now that…

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Homegrown tomatoes

I picked four more today! We’re getting pretty close to the end of the season, but I’ll be enjoying the delicious flavor of fresh summer tomatoes in my sauces during the cold winter. I’ve got five freezer bags filled and ready! Growing your own tomatoes and other veggies and saving them in the freezer is a cheap and yummy way to enjoy them all year.

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Weeding is free therapy

Why Weeding Your Garden is Free Therapy

Ahh, yes, there is something very therapeutic about weeding in the garden. It’s like free therapy. Why is that? As I was crawling around looking for dandelions to pull up today, I started comparing this simple stress-relieving chore to my decision to leave my job. In all honesty, my job was taking a toll on my health. I really had to do something so I could have a chance to grow and flourish, and not let the weeds take over…

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