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Our master bedroom has a wonderful huge window that is rounded at the top (uh, what’s this style called?) And I love it! For me, it is the main focal point of the room, working together with the bed. But for the longest time, we debated how to even put curtains up on this window because, in addition to the round top, the ceiling is also slanted on both sides. This makes it impossible to have a straight curtain rod traverse the full length of the window.

Well, we were walking around my favorite hardware store this summer and saw a special bay window curtain rod. It had three straight rods that could be lengthened or shortened to fit many window sizes and were connected by two bendable elbows that could be bent to the appropriate angles required. And I thought, hey, if we just hang that up sideways, maybe we could use it to finally have curtains in our master bedroom!

It cost about $30, but it was worth it.

And we got the curtains for less than half price from the clearance section of Bed Bath and Beyond.

The whole look cost about $100 and really brings the whole room together.