5 steps to remove old linoleum

5 Steps to Remove Old Linoleum from Your Bathroom Floor

Is the flooring in your bathroom old, outdated, and showing wear and tear? Is it peeling up from the floor, bubbling from water moisture, or stained? Do you dream of getting new flooring but can’t justify paying thousands to get it done professionally? Then I have good news for you. Because this is another project that you can totally do yourself, and while sticking to a small budget. We’re talking less than $100/bathroom, depending on the size. From start to…

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Free Cash for Pedometer Owners

Free Cash for Pedometer Owners – Sign Up on Achievement Website

How do you like the sound of a little extra cash just for wearing your pedometer? Seriously, you can get cash just for doing things you’re already doing! I’m all for any free and automated ways to get a little extra cash, and is one of those deals! I’ve cashed in for $50 with this site so I can personally tell you it’s legit. Here’s how it works If you wear a Fitbit or Garmin pedometer (or even just…

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Fly or Drive? How to Decide

Fly or Drive? Determine the Most Cost-Effective Choice

It’s vacation time! And you’re going out of town. But should you fly or drive to reach your destination of choice? What’s the most cost-effective option? My immediate family is spread out across the United States, so there is no dropping by on a whim, and every visit requires a planned trip. As a frugal thumb, I try to figure out the most cost-effective vacations. Should we fly or drive? What are the pros and cons of each choice? I…

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