Frugal Finance 101

Getting Started

If you’re a budgeting newbie, start here.

These posts will help you get into the proper mindset for budgeting and walk you through successfully setting up your first monthly budget:

Budgeting Quick Links

If you need ideas for ways to save in every budget category, look here.

I have spent a lot of time collecting the best ideas for saving money in every budget category to share with you!

Links to the lists of savings ideas for each budget category are listed below.

These lists are organized by the 50/20/30 rule (necessities, savings, and personal) so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

And there are more coming soon! I will be updating this page as new Frugal Thumb posts become available.

Necessities 50%

All posts from the “saving on necessities” series.

Savings 20%

All posts from the “saving on savings” series.

  • Retirement Fund
  • College Fund
  • Emergency Fund

Personal 30%

All posts from the “saving on personal purchases” series.

  • Entertainment
  • Charity
  • Gifts
  • Kid Activities
  • Shopping
  • Fun money
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